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Prominent curator Katherine Hinds in Miami reflects on four decades in the art industry and the impact of sculpture

An art form with ancient roots, one of the most compelling aspects of sculpture is its three-dimensional existence in the world. A small fraction of its history, the 20th century greatly evolved the art form into what is seen today.

Katherine Hinds, curator of multimillionaire Martin Z. Margulies’ renowned art collection since 1982, is well versed in the world of art, especially sculpture, which is well represented at The Margulies Collection in Miami.

“My favorite quote about art is by Ad Reinhardt,” Ms. Hinds says. “‘Art is art. Everything else is everything else.’ I use this as a professional mantra because when you have the art, you have everything you need. So focus on the art.”

It helps the art cause to work in a buzzy, coastal city such as Miami, with its Wynwood Art District and Art Basel Miami show as key attractions to art lovers worldwide.

“No two days are ever alike,” Ms. Hinds says. “When you are constantly looking at art in the marketplace or collaborating with museum curators on loan projects or installing art for our exhibitions at the Warehouse [gallery], you are always in the flow, always in ‘the new.’ You always have the inside scoop. And then you are completely immersed in the art. It’s like getting a big, beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers every day.”

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