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Press release 2014-2015

Richard Long, Leuk Stone Circle, 2000




OCTOBER 29, 2014 THROUGH APRIL 25, 2015

The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, a pioneering force in contemporary art in Miami presents its 15th Year Anniversary of public exhibitions. Since it’s inauguration in 1999 the Warehouse has welcomed visitors from South Florida and all over the world. The Warehouse exhibitions showcase art of our times featuring 20th & 21st century sculpture, photography, video, painting and large scale installations by international artists culled from the renowned collection of Martin Z. Margulies. The exhibitions are curated by Katherine Hinds


This year the Warehouse exhibitions feature major new works of sculpture by Ronald Bladen, Mario Merz, Do-Ho Suh, Richard Long, Wilhelm Mundt and Meuser. New works of painting by Jeff Elrod, Gregor Hildebrandt and new photography by Domingo Milella and Jeff Brouws among many others. In addition to our feature exhibitions, the warehouse houses permanent installations of historically important works by Pier Paolo Calzolari, John Chamberlain, Willem de Kooning, Olafur Eliasson, Michael Heizer, Donald Judd, Anselm Kiefer, Jannis Kounellis, Sol LeWitt, Joan Miro, Isamu Noguchi, Michelangelo Pistoletto, George Segal, Richard Serra, Tony Smith, Franz West


Special Exhibition 2014-2015

Brancusi: The Photographs

Oct 25, 2014 – Jan 1, 2015

The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Miami, in collaboration with the Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, is pleased to present Brancusi: The Photographs, an exhibition of the artist’s photographic works featuring 29 rare vintage gelatin silver prints from the early 20th century.

“We recognize the rarity of these vintage photographs by one of the greatest artists of the Modern era”, says collector Martin Margulies. “After seeing the works at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York it occurred to us that Brancusi has never been exhibited in Florida before and bringing his photographs to Miami would provide our audience with a rare glimpse into early 20th century abstraction from such a unique and interesting perspective. We are excited to have the Brancusi photographs installed adjacent to the historical sculpture we have in our permanent installations by Miró and Noguchi. Noguchi worked as an apprentice in Brancusi’s studio from 1927-29 and was very influenced by the master’s abstract forms. The exhibition will add an important aspect to our educational mission this season.”

The works included in Brancusi: The Photographs were printed by the artist and come from family, friends and known collectors of his work who received them during the artist’s lifetime. Produced from both photographic negatives as well as 16 mm film stills, these vintage prints include images of his individual sculptures, or at times larger studio views of groupings of his works (termed “groupe mobiles” by the artist) as well as numerous self-portraits, arresting still-lifes and abstract compositions with expressive intent.

The photographs are integral to understanding Brancusi as an artist; they indicate that he was not only fully aware of photography’s power to guide, control, and enhance the viewer’s experience of his inherently three-dimensional sculptures, but also to completely transform them into new two-dimensional works of art. By physically placing and positioning his sculptures within his studio, Brancusi creates complex arrangements that often incorporate radical lighting providing a key to viewing and interpreting his sculptural works. His photographs express a unique pictorial vision that moves decisively beyond mere documentation and firmly establishes Brancusi as one of the most remarkably innovative image-makers in the history of the medium.

This exhibition furthers the critical dialogue surrounding this seminal body of photographic work. Becoming a topic of growing interest, Brancusi’s photographs have been the focus of several recent exhibitions, including The Original Copy, Photography of Sculpture, 1839 to Today, held at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, organized by Roxana Marcoci; Constantin Brancusi & Richard Serra: Resting in Time and Space, shown at the Foundation Beyeler, Switzerland, produced by Oliver Wick; Framing Sculpture: Brancusi, Rosso and Man Ray at the Boijmans Museum, Rotterdam; and Brancusi, Film and Photography, the monumental exhibition of Brancusi’s photographs exhibited at the Centre Pompidou, curated by Quentin Bajac.


Auxiliary Gallery at the Warehouse

India’s Elephants: Annette Bonnier

The photographs of South Florida artist Annette Bonnier capture the many facets of elephant’s lives and their interaction with humanity.This collection of photographs is a cultural documentation of elephants in Indian society. The elephant’s role is changing as wildlife conservation and concerns for the health and safety of domesticated elephants are growing. This complex and majestic animal, with its intelligence, intricate social hierarchy, and highly evolved communication skills, is caught in a changing world between the past and the future.

Proceeds benefit The Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF), a non-profit public charitable trust in Bangalore, India, is actively involved in the conservation of the Asian Elephant.

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