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Our mission to serve the Miami community is fulfilled through educational programming such as lectures and regular tours with schools and museum groups given by Martin Margulies, longtime curator Katherine Hinds, and our team of dedicated associates. We place high importance on sharing the collection through gifts and generous loans to national and international museums and educational institutions.

Tour Guidelines and Policy

Tour Guidelines and Policy

Who will guide the group?

Every attempt is made to by the collector, Martin Z. Margulies or the curator, Katherine Hinds to lead each group tour.

How much will the tour cost?

All School and Post-Secondary Institutions: Free

Adults: $25.00 per person in advance of the tour

What other options for groups do you have?

Groups seeking a non-guided visit can pay in advance with the regular admission rate to expedite entrance. They will receive a short 5-10 minute introduction of the Margulies Collection by a staff member.

Adults: $10.00

Out-of-State Students: $5.00

Florida Students: Free

How many people are required for a group tour?

Tours are scheduled to groups with 15 people or more

What time do you offer tours and how long do they last?

Please allot 1 1/2 hours minimum for your visit to the Warehouse

The tour itself will last 1 hour

Tours are scheduled the morning at 10:00am or 11:00am and groups are required to be on time.

Other Guidelines/Policies

Tour leaders/organizers must stay with their group during the tour.

Backpacks, strollers and large bags are also prohibited.

Photography is allowed


Request a Tour

Request a Tour

If you are interested in arranging a private tour of the Warehouse, please send an email to


To request a Group Visit, please complete this form

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